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june, 2022

In 2020, the Blue Lake Rancheria secured a State Tribal Education Program grant otherwise known as a “STEP” grant. The Tribe and the Consortium for Tribal Innovation & Entrepreneurship (or C-TIE) built a workforce development pipeline supporting Native youth career readiness education. We believe that a highly competent teacher workforce is a necessary foundation for improving children’s educational outcomes. While Humboldt County has many experienced teachers working in its schools, there are too few Native American teachers and instructors of robust, culturally responsive and diverse CTE courses. We are currently looking to recruit, retrain and retain 12 Native American persons who are well versed in Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and Career Readiness Education (CRE).

The Ta’m Resilience campus will be opening in 2023, and these recruited teachers would work a 2-3 days a week providing instruction in the following sectors:

  1. Agriculture & Natural Resources
  2. Building and Construction Trades
  3. Energy, Environment, and Utilities (i.e. solar & wind);
  4. Health Science & Medical Technology
  5. Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
  6. Manufacturing and Product Development

In order to qualify for the R3E program, candidates must have a High School diploma or GED and pass a background check. Blue Lake Rancheria's program covers the cost of obtaining a Designated Single Subject CTE credential, at no cost to the applicant. Recruited participants will be provided with tuition, books, and educational supplies, as well as, a credentialed mentoring teacher offering instructional support.

All sources, link and forms necessary are provided by the Career Readiness Education Coordinator, Lisa K. Hoffman.

For more information, please contact or by calling 707-668-5101.

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