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Toma Resilience Campus

What began as a wish to use the Blue Lake Rancheria’s onsite electrical microgrids as “learning laboratories,” combined with the need to bring more resources to remote Northern California, grew to become a multi-functional venue that deploys programs to support regional resilience strategies.

The Toma Resilience Campus (“toma” means “sun” in the Wiyot Language) creates dedicated space for activities to build resilience capacity across the lifeline sectors (energy, water, food, communication/IT, and transportation).

Toma areas of focus include disaster preparedness, truly clean energy, “smart” technologies, light manufacturing, and sustainable food production.

Toma Goals

  • Regional resilience :: Local people trained to solve local problems
  • Entrepreneurship :: Develop leaders and businesses for the economies of today and tomorrow
  • Workforce development and training :: “PK-grey” hands-on skill-building and state-of-the-art training
  • Economic opportunity :: New jobs and engagement in the “resilience innovation marketplace”
  • Climate action :: New techniques in disaster preparedness and lifeline sector infrastructure that reduce greenhouse gases at the same time – to reduce the severity of disasters as resilience increases.

Toma Features

Available now, current trainings focus on government and business disaster preparedness and planning, workforce development, and cross-sector resilience and lifeline sector education. For training schedules, please visit: Resilience Training and Innovation Center (RTIC).
  • The following are on schedule to open in 2021! Please check back here for updates!


Toma Resilience

TEL: 707.668.5101
FAX: 707.668.4272

(for U.S. Postal Service):

Blue Lake Rancheria
PO BOX 428
Blue Lake, CA 95525

(for FedEx, UPS):

Blue Lake Rancheria
1 Aiyekwee Loop
Blue Lake, CA 95525