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october, 2022

The TEA seeks out opportunities to collaborate with other community agencies that serve Native Youth in Humboldt County as often as possible. The leadership team recognizes the importance of including everyone from youth to elders in our collaborative efforts and welcome community participation of all kinds. If you would like to connect about the TEA’s community and educational programming, please reach out to Marlee Chavez, | 360-771-9808

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Village employs 3 Yurok interpreters as a cutting edge program that puts Native peoples as the first person narrators of their history. Pathmakers partnered with California State Parks to fund a program in an effort to promote jobs in Natural Resources for Native Youth called Kindling the Flame.

California State Parks

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Tribal Education Agency:


Alison Robbins
Executive Director
TEL: 707.668.5101 | EXT. 1057

Isak Brayfindley
Clerk of the Board
TEL: 707.668.5101 | EXT. 1066

Blue Lake Rancheria
TEL: 707.668.5101
FAX: 707.668.4272

(for U.S. Postal Service):

Blue Lake Rancheria
PO BOX 428
Blue Lake, CA 95525

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Blue Lake Rancheria
1 Aee ye kwee Loop
Blue Lake, CA 95525