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Chag Lowry

Chag Lowry is of Yurok, Maidu, and Achumawi Native ancestry from Northern California.  He is the author of the graphic novel Soldiers Unknown from Great Oak Press, The Original Patriots: Northern California Indian Veterans of World War Two from Original Voices, The Original Patriots: California Indian Veterans of the Korean War from Original Voices, and is the co-producer and director of multiple PBS documentaries about California Indigenous people and cultures.  Chag's book Soldiers Unknown is endorsed by the United States World War One Centennial Commission and by the American Indian Veterans Association of Southern California.  He and Weshoyot Alvitre (Tongva) co-wrote and she drew a new comic story about California Indigenous basketry titled My Sisters.       

Mr. Lowry was featured in a commemorative issue of the National Museum of the American Indian magazine. You can read the article at the link below.

National Museum of the American Indian Magazine


Follow the Water

Chag and artist Rahsan Ekedal created Follow the Water, a 14-page comic story set in San Francisco in 1914. This comic introduces the character named Isaac as he meets with the Indigenous man named Ishi. The tale visualizes part of Ishi's story as told from a Native perspective.

Curriculum developed by Rebecca Haff-Lowry, ASW, MSW

Follow the Water Curriculum Guide (For Middle School and High School Language Arts)

My Sisters

Chag and Weshoyot Alvitre (Tongva) co-wrote the new comic story titled My Sisters. It is a 16-page full color story that honors the special relationship that Indigenous basket weavers have with their ancestral homelands in California. Weshoyot created the art and the cover and the comic is endorsed by the California Basketweavers' Association (CIBA). The My Sisters curriculum was created by Rebecca Haff-Lowry.

Basket Curriculum Guide (Adolescent-Young Adult)
Basket Curriculum Guide (Elementary)
My Sisters Power Point

Soldiers Unknown

The graphic novel Soldiers Unknown is a historically accurate World War One story told from the perspective of Native Yurok soldiers. The novel is based on extensive military research and on oral interviews of family members of Yurok WW1 veterans from throughout Humboldt and Del Norte counties. The author Chag Lowry is of Yurok, Maidu, and Achumawi ancestry, and the illustrator Rahsan Ekedal was raised in southern Humboldt. Soldiers Unknown takes place during the battle of the Meuse-Argonne in France in 1918, which is the largest battle in American Army history.

The book was peer-reviewed and endorsed by the World War One Centennial Commission, which is a group of academics and retired U.S. military veterans who were appointed by President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. Soldiers Unknown gained this prestigious honor for historical accuracy and for its unique, compelling format in the telling of World War One history. Curriculum created by Rebecca Haff-Lowry.

The North Coast Journal published an article about Soldiers Unknown. You can read the article at the link below.

North Coast Journal
Curriculum Guide

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The Original Patriots

The Original Patriots: California Native Veterans of the Korean War, written by Chag Lowry, is 120 pages with interviews of Yurok, Bear River, Maidu, and Pit River veterans, with color and black and white photographs. The book also includes a summary of Native American participation in World War One and World War Two and a history of the Indian boarding school system that most of these veterans went through as young people. Curriculum created by Rebecca Haff-Lowry.

Curriculum Guide

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Living Biographies

Author Chag Lowry also co-produced and co-directed KEET-TV documentary series: Indigenous Living Biographies
PBS documentary Original Patriots


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