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2022 Agenda Packets

BOE Meeting Agenda – 01/11/2022

BOE Meeting Agenda – 04/19/2022

BOE Meeting Agenda – 05/17/2022

BOE Meeting Agenda – 09/13/2022

2021 Agenda Packets

BOE Meeting Agenda – 12/21/2021

BOE Meeting Agenda – 10/19/2021

BOE Meeting Agenda – 09/07/2021

BOE Meeting Agenda – 08/03/2021

BOE Meeting Agenda – 06/15/2021

BOE Meeting Agenda – 05/04/2021

BOE Meeting Agenda – 04/13/2021

BOE Meeting Agenda – 02/09/2021

BOE Meeting Agenda – 01/12/2021

BOE Meeting Minutes

2022 Meeting Minutes

BOE Meeting Minutes – 02/15/2022

BOE Meeting Minutes – 04/19/2022

BOE Meeting Minutes – 06/14/2022

BOE Meeting Minutes – 01/11/2022

BOE Meeting Minutes – 11/01/2022

BOE Meeting Minutes – 10/04/2022

BOE Meeting Minutes – 09/13/2022

2021 Meeting Minutes

BOE Meeting Minutes – 09/07/2021

BOE Meeting Minutes – 08/03/2021

BOE Meeting Minutes – 06/15/2021

BOE Meeting Minutes – 05/04/2021

BOE Meeting Minutes – 03/23/2021

BOE Meeting Minutes – 02/09/2021

BOE Meeting Minutes – 01/12/2021

2020 Meeting Minutes

BOE Meeting Minutes – 12/22/2020

BOE Meeting Minutes – 12/15/2020

BOE Meeting Minutes – 11/17/2020

BOE Meeting Minutes – 10/27/2020

BOE Meeting Minutes – 10/13/2020

BOE Meeting Minutes – 09/29/2020

BOE Meeting Minutes – 09/15/2020

BOE Meeting Minutes – 09/01/2020

BOE Meeting Minutes – 08/18/2020

BOE Meeting Minutes – 03/07/2020

BOE Meeting Minutes – 02/11/2020

BOE Meeting Minutes – 01/21/2020

Section 1402 of the Education Code
Polices in Process

Public Comments

If you would like to submit items for the Blue Lake Rancheria Tribal Education Agency BOE Agenda, please email your request and any documentation to be reviewed by the BOE to this email per BOE procedures listed below:

A member of the public (speaker) may address the Board during the Public Communications section of the BOE Agenda. Comments by public speakers made during the Public Communications will be limited to items on the BOE Agenda or items within the jurisdiction of the Board. The number of speakers who speak during Public Communications will not exceed ten. A speaker, in lieu of speaking during Public Communications, may speak during an agenda item. Comments during an agenda item will be limited to the topic of the agenda item. Speakers may register to speak by calling or texting the Executive Director at 707-668-5101 Ext.1057 by noon on the day of the BOE meeting, or they may register at the location of the BOE meeting until 10 minutes before the meeting begins. When registering to speak, a speaker will identify the topic the speaker wishes to address. A speaker’s comments at a meeting will not exceed 3 minutes, will be limited to the registered topic, and will not include personnel matters concerning TEA or Tribal employees and/or matters that would violate the privacy of students. Speakers will provide (7) copies of any handouts to the Acting Clerk of the Board for distribution at the Board table for in person meetings, and a single digital copy for online meetings. For more information and restrictions, please see BOE policy Section 1402.6 Board of Education Agendas, Calendars, & Meetings which is posted on the BOE's website.

Contact the Clerk of the Board :

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Alison Robbins
Executive Director
TEL: 707.668.5101 | EXT. 1057

Blue Lake Rancheria
TEL: 707.668.5101
FAX: 707.668.4272

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Blue Lake Rancheria
PO BOX 428
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