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Blue Lake Rancheria Tribal Education Agency staff are dedicated to the preparation of students for lifelong success through rigorous, quality academic instruction, career training and character development according to each student’s gifts and talents.


Activities concerned with establishing and administering policy for operating the Tribal Education Agency (TEA). Administrative staff serves the community with the leadership of the Board of Education, working on education code & standard operating procedures development, staff relations, contract negotiations, long-range organizational planning, and overall program management.

Alison Robbins, Executive Director | 707-668-5101 x 1057

Instructional Support Services

Activities associated with assisting the instructional staff with the content and process of providing learning experiences for students. This includes activities primarily for assisting instructional staff in planning, developing, and evaluating the process of providing learning experiences for students, such as curriculum development, techniques of instruction, child development and understanding, staff training, preparing and utilizing special curriculum materials, and understanding and appreciating the various techniques which stimulate and motivate students.

Marnie Atkins, PIM Project Coordinator

Lisa K. Hoffman, Career Readiness Education Coordinator

Korby Skoglund, Career Readiness Education Coordinator

Isaac Kinney, Career Readiness Education Coordinator

Danny Kelley, Community Services Coordinator

Steve Godla, Administrative Mentor

Jack Bareilles, Program Evaluations

Student Instruction

Student Instruction includes a variety of activities and curriculum offerings that directly tie in with the interaction between families, teachers, and students. Instructional staff provides age-appropriate, Place Based and Culturally Responsive Learning modules primarily to students in a classroom setting, however staff also distributes curriculum to youth outdoors, for special community events, and extra-curricular education-based events. Instruction provided is delivered through several mediums, including: in-person, synchronous, and asynchronous.

Lisa K. Hoffman, Youth Programs Coordinator

Korby Skoglund, Youth Programs Coordinator

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Alison Robbins
Executive Director
TEL: 707.668.5101 | EXT. 1057

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