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23aprAll DayBOE Regular Monthly Meeting - 04/16/2024 (RESCHEDULED FOR 4-23-24)

21mayAll DayBOE Regular Monthly Meeting - 05/21/2024

    Success in Both Worlds (SiBW) conference

    The conference dates are April 21 and 22 of 2023

    Event Date and locations: Friday, 4/21 at McKinleyville Highschool

    Saturday, 4/22 at Sue-meg State Park at the village


    Student Project Work

    Students were encouraged to read the Blue Lake Rancheria Climate Adaptation Plan (CAP) and compare the Tribe’s document to the EPA’s work addressing climate change impacts on the most vulnerable communities as published in the EPA’s official Climate Change Adaptation plan. Students also researched other Tribes’ CAPs, then did a compare and contrast study between the researched documents. Students then prepared observations and suggestions which helped inform their presentations for the Success in Both Worlds “Balance the Beauty: Indigenous Knowledge to Mitigate Climate Change” conference which they have been planning since the start of the 2022-2023 school year.

    Student preparation work and presentations are posted below:

    Climate Change Resiliency Leadership Scholarship

    Congratulations to the students who received the Blue Lake Rancheria Climate Change Resiliency Leadership Scholarship!

    • Mettah Kuska
    • Sofie Sundberg
    • Neyr-res Bartoo
    • Pachomio Feliz
    • Jasper Wilson-Baltazr-Perez
    • Ahty Allen
    • Jaxin Bartoo
    • Betty Weldon
    • Hoosten Nez
    • Lozen Nez
    • Alain Young
    • Alison Osceola
    • Jewell Moon


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