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Higher Education Scholarships

Education is of the utmost importance to the Tribe. The Blue Lake Rancheria (BLR) Tribe supports tribal members in educational and career development pursuits. Since 2008 the Tribe has donated over $1 million to Blue Lake Unified School District and local student activities, meals programs, and other resources that maintain a strong educational system. In addition, the Tribe supports educational and workforce development efforts across the region.


Since 2001, BLR has provided $500 scholarships to all students from Blue Lake Unified School District who have gone on to achieve their high school diploma. This program has helped improve graduation rates and the Tribe has funded over $80,000 in scholarships to date. BLR provides scholarships for education and career development activities for tribal members. Read about the program requirements in our Student Handbook. Contact the Blue Lake Rancheria Tribal Educational Agency Post-Secondary Office for scholarship applications

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NCIDC - How to Apply and Pay for College

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Scholarship Opportunities

AISES Aristocrat/VGT Scholarship

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AMS Minority Scholarships

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Reach for Your Star Award/Beca Alcanza tu Estrella

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Fellowships and Endowments

The Jason M. Ramos Endowment for Kinesiology Research
Blue Lake Rancheria Fellowship for Clean Energy Studies

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