Climate Change Restoration Progress

Tribal Climate Resilience Program



    Using straw to mulch the stream bank on a steep slope helps prevent and reduce erosion along with stabilizing the area from a rainstorm or elements.  This method will also aid in revegetation and protect the soil from further degradation.  The straw bale can be separated and fluffed up to the depths of 4 inches covering about 100 square feet.

    Tree planting

    Red alder (Alnus rubra) is used for this riparian restoration in the active channel where it will create stabilization and prevent future erosion.  This method also creates habitat for native wildlife in the region.  Red alder is the largest species of alder in North America and is also an excellent host for nitrogen-fixing bacteria that form nodules on tree roots, putting nitrogen back into the soil which will generate a site rich in nutrients for other vegetation. This species is shade intolerant and is considered a pioneer species which will populate rapidly after disturbances to establish canopy

    Native Plants


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